Working Area Set Aside in Furniture Design Software

Version 3i opens new possibilities in speeding design.  I use more standard objects now than ever before.  A standard object can be an assembly, board, door, drawer, or piece of hardware that you designed once, and saved as  a standard to be used elsewhere.   One thing – you needed pretty much to design a lot of standard parts to account for all the possible sizes you may need.  But now with the ability to stretch and shrink assemblies, or even parts of assemblies, standards are much easier to change and apply.

One key point is the concept of work area within an assembly.  The thing is you can drop a standard object into an assembly and re-size it, but then getting that assembly to line up with the rest of your work can be cumbersome.  One solution is to take the re-size object (say drawer) and save it as yet another standard.  Then go into ‘target’ assembly and insert the new standard.  That works fine.

Resize drawers using furniutre design softwareOR you can make room in the  target assembly, insert the standard (drawer) – and re-size that portion of the assembly.  Move it into position and you are all set.  Then clone you hearts out – makes work easier and faster still

Next very powerful V3i feature — rotating of boards and assemblies within a project.  This means you can not only re-size standard objects – but use them left, right or center in your designs!  This feature is out of development and being tested.  Should be an auto-update available to V3i users by the end of the month.


V3i is coming out this week.  On Wednesday the downloads, instructions for upgrades, and purchase options will be added to the web page.  These new features make SketchList 3D furniture design software a very powerful and productive tool for your business.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know…

Dave Rozewski

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