Woodworking Design Software – Insert, Size and Locate a Door.

How to insert size and locate a door

Woodworking Design Software for Doors

This is an introduction to doors in SketchList 3D carpentry design software.  The door is basically a sub-assembly into which you insert boards.  You could make a single panel door or you can make a door multiple pieces.   Insert the door into an assembly then go into the door level.

At the board level you insert boards as needed to achieve your design.  You have one  single board make up a door or make a five piece door.   I have even done a louvered door with slanted louvers.

The orientation for a door is most always the flat one.   Watch your grain directions when doing your designs.

This video is a step by step guide to making a door with our woodworking design software.  Near the end of the clip there are tips on how to change the size of a door – making it bigger or smaller – without re-sizing all the boards within the door.  You do this with the stretch and shrink assembly function.  The tip is to isolate the door within the assembly so that only its size changes.

As always you can save the door as a standards to use over and over again.  You can also clone, clone and space, or rotate a door by 90. 180. or 270 degrees.

Make sure as you design to consider how you will deal with hardware such as a handle or hinge.  You need to think of sizing for them.  Also – as always – pay attention to your clearances and allowances.

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