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Lesson: Changing or modifying the size of a board.

In this lesson in using your woodworking design software you will learn to modify a board to meet the requirements of a design.  Please note that the techniques of changing size of a board apply to changing all of the objects in SketchList 3D. You change the sizes of doors, drawers, hardware, assemblies using these same tools.

  1. Resize – changing the size of the board the most used edit or modification of the design process. There are several ways to change the size of a board in any one of the three directions. While you can change the thickness of the board as a size edit, think about what that effect will have on the thickness of the material as it is passed to the Optimizer. If you change the thickness of the board for design purposes you want to make sure that you have a material of that thickness in your stock database.

Resize using red dots. Near the top of the SketchList 3D main form there’s an icon that turns the red dots of a board on and off. Those red dots can be used to change the size of the board.

There are three methods for changing board size with the red dots.

  1. Grab the board with your cursor and slide it in the direction you want to change.
  2. Right-click the red dot and enter a new value for left bottom or front to set the distance between that edge and the left, bottom, or front edge of the container.red dot form
  3. When you right-click the red dot the form opens and you can enter the new size. In  the case of the size there are three possibilities: depth, height, width. These depend on which edge of the board the red dot you clicked exists.


Resize using the triplets in the board form.

To change sizes of a board using the triplet you have three options.

triplet resize board post

  1. Enter the new value for the size – height width or depth. (Remember the value thickness is a function of the orientation of the board.) After you enter the new value for the size choose which way the board will change in size.Again you can change the size of a board to make it either bigger or smaller. In either case you would choose in which direction the change takes place. For example in the form above if I change height from 36 to 26 and click the top the value of top is going to change to become 43.
  2. You can change the side of the board by changing either the top or bottom value in the example above changing the bottom value from seven to zero and clicking height changes the value of height 43.
  3. You can change both bottom and top values and click the height button so SketchList 3-D will calculate that value. For example changing bottom to 10 and changing top to 60, then clicking the height button changes of the value of height to 50.

Resize a board using the spreadsheet.  If you understand that the spreadsheet functions the same way as the board form and its triplets, you can see that the logic of changing sizes of a board discussed above in the board form section apply directly to the spreadsheets. The difference being spreadsheets triplets exist in horizontal rows as opposed to a box or matrix. Change the value of one or two of the three elements (bottom, height, top for example) and click the column heading where you want the edit to occur.


spreadsheet resize board post

View the video.

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