Woodworking project from a SketchList 3D user.

This woodworking project by Rich Hatfield shows a few different approaches to designing in SketchList 3D.  More importantly Rich created a series of well organized and clear to read shop drawings.

This is the woodworking project.   It seems like a lot of clone and space work was done spacing the cross braces.   Just as a time saver you might think about creating a ‘door’ in which you build the legs and cross supports.  That way you can clone and locate the four part leg systems in one step.  The same idea applies to the shelf like structures.  I’d use a ‘door’ or ‘drawer’ as sort of a sub-assembly.  Then build the shelf parts into it.  Now just clone and locate that one sub-assembly.  Time saver.

Drawings for this woodworking project.

When Rich worked on this he emailed me with the following.

“I started to watch the tutorials on reporting and the one area where I am stuck is the Shop drawing. I am trying to get the dimensions of the various pieces in the furniture design; however, I am only able to get the measurements of the parameter of the whole piece.”

The answer I sent back:

“Remember at the project level you can dimension assemblies.

At any other level you can dimension the distances in that container.

You must be at the door, drawer, hardware level to dim the stuff inside them.”

The answer helped it seems.  Take a look at the shop drawings Rick produced.
woodworking project 3First from the front.
Then the left view.woodworking project drawing 2And finally the top.  Notice the gray box on this one.  That is the ‘floor’ of the project.
You can turn this off in your SketchList 3D woodworking project.  Right click the button in the upper left of the display areas.  Then turn off “Show Floor”.
woodworking porject shop drawings
The drawing from the top.
woodworking project d1
And as always the parts list comes out for free!  This would make a nice set of woodworking plans.
If you want to share a woodworking project please email me.
If you want more detail on shop drawings use this LINK

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