Woodworking software – “cutting” a curve

Woodworkers sometimes need to cut smooth curves.

Curved board


A user emailed and asked how SketchList3D free woodworking design software can put a smooth curve on a board.
His email included a screen capture edited to show what he wanted.

My first answer – correct but maybe not that easy:

Go to the board detail level, select a surface, and use the shape tool.  In the tool use the curve button and then pull the dots back and forth until your curve appears.

My second answer maybe a bit faster – or at least cleaner:

Make that board into an oval – using the oval tool.  Then select the convert line tool and change two oval segments into lines.  Then you can insert two points [inset tool] and locate those points to be the corners of the board.

Also someone asked about change order tracking – and while not in the SketchList 3D woodworking software formally – you can user the save as function to do this.  For example project name Jones bookcase becomes Jones bookcase with cover molding added.  You can add note to the project such that changes are documented.

For more information about working at the board detail level see this post.

Now for the real world example of cutting of curve I thought this article was interesting: Practical Woodworking Projects To Do at Home.

That’s why I spent time researching, pulling together, and creating a go-to guide focused on 50 simple DIY woodworking projects that are perfect for new woodworkers: 50 Small, Simple, & Easy Beginner Woodworking Projects

In an introduction session with one of our newest SketchList 3D woodworking software user I discovered a few new ways to make use of the align tool.  That video posts later  this week.



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