Woodworking software – new boards.

Woodworking software – new boards video.

I got an email from someone trying SketchList 3D. It had to do with our free woodworking software regarding new boards and default materials.  He concluded that once a board is inserted into a container it cannot be changed.  While he is wrong about this I understand how he got there.

So just to clarify I put together a video showing new boards inserted by using the the insert new board icons at the top of the SketchList 3D main forms.

V4 new board icons

The default material used when inserting boards using the three icons is sheet – beech.    If you select the board, click the board definitions tab, and change the material of the board say to oak the next board inserted using the icons will be of material oak.


In this case we are talking about Woodworking software – new boards.  But anytime you have a question or problem with SketchList 3D, please look through the manual, our step by step lessons, or do a web search.  We have tons of video and posts covering many of your questions.   And always feel free to send us an email with your questions.





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