Room cabinet design using the SketchList 3D library

Room cabinet design using the SketchList 3D library speeds designs. Recently we did a survey of SketchList 3D users.  Users were asked what the liked about SketchList 3D and what needs improvement.  The ‘needing improvement suggestions’ included good ideas that we’ll try to include in Version 5, suggestions we don’t understand, and those we already Read More

Making drawers for our wall unit

Making drawers virtually with SketchList 3D This is the third of three posts and videos explaining how to design a wall storage unit with three assemblies container doors and drawers.   You’ll find that making drawers on the computer screen allows you to think about the different methods you might use to design a drawer.  Read More

SketchList 3D Mac graphics update

SketchList 3D users recently updating the Mac OS experience distortion on screen imaging.  This seems to happen each time Apple upgrades their OS. We wrote a fix to repair Apple’s problem. Go to to download the upgrades SketchList 3D. Dave

Kitchen cabinets design layout – make it fast and make it custom.

Kitchen cabinets design layout is a requirement of most sales. Speaking of kitchen cabinets design layout, an article in a woodworking magazine called a computer generated layout ‘mandatory’ for any proposal to stand a a chance of being accepted.  Check out these images to see the point.   At SketchList we have always pushed the Read More

Bookshelf cabinet with doors – modeled in an hour

A Bookshelf cabinet with doors and drawers is a very popular woodworking project. A few years ago we conducted a survey on what SketchList 3D users were designing.  While of course kitchens were at the top of the list, a bookshelf cabinet with doors was a close second.  Who can’t sue more office storage?  Sometimes Read More

Build a desk – do it virtually before you buy your materials.

Build a Desk – Nice Example of one woodworker’s great accomplishment. Jerry Wees is a  woodworker who designed his project to build a desk in SketchList 3D.  This post provides before (SketchList images) and after (photographs) of various views showing his fine effort to build a desk. This is a very elegant desk, nicely finished, Read More