Where are the logs for Sketchlist 3D v5


On windows logs are located in application data directory. Here is how to find it.

1. Open your user home directory. Be sure that “Hidden items” is turned on under the View tab.

2. Find a folder called “AppData”. Open it. Then open “Local” folder and locate folder “SketchList 3D v5”

3. Open folder “SketchList 3D v5” and locate the next files:

  • folder called “logs”
  • app.log(may be missing, thats ok)
  • ogre.log
  • SL_V21.config
  • SL_V21_add.config
  • folder called “Layouts”

4. Copy those files somewhere else and zip them.

If you’re experiencing problems when opening a project or making changes in it, then sending use your project database could be a big help. Your project database is in the file named “woodworking.local.db3”, you may also zip it together with other files and send to us.


On macOS logs are located in application data directory. Here is how to find it.

1. Open Finder.

2. Press Shift + Command + G, this will show up an input dialog.

3. Copy and past there the next line

~/Library/Application Support/SketchList 3D v5

4. Select files app.log(if exists), ogre.log & logs directory, right click(via mouse or touchpad) and in the menu select “Compress”

5. Send the resulting archive to us.

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