A look inside our weekly woodworking design software user meeting. Teaching, Q&A and exploration.

This video is from our Feb 15, 2022, online user meeting. We discuss how to use SketchList and show how the three tools – dots, spreadsheet, and calculator – work. Q&A adds to the value.
These meetings are a proven way to learn all about our cabinet design software in the shortest amount of time. And they are free. Go to www.sketchlist.com to sign up to get a zoom link.
Latest Tutorials

Making a cabinet in SketchList 3D – introduction

Introduction to the design process and tools used in SketchList 3D.

Adding a face frame to our cabinet design.

This video continues instructions on inserting boards into our design. This time we use solid wood for our face frame.

Adding joinery to the cabinet we designed using SketchList 3D

In this video, we add joinery to the key boards in our instructional cabinet design project.