Using Assemblies for Good Design – Cabinet Design Software

One question users ask is “How many assemblies should I have in my project?”   Until this past week my answer was functional – pretty much.  Do you plan to have assemblies that can be designed with the cabinet design software, then cloned and modified to be used elsewhere in the project?  The trade off is that more assemblies are more flexible but fewer assemblies – used to be – easier to work with.  A program change we made in V3 makes designing across multiple assemblies the same as working with only one assembly.  This is accomplished by allowing you to switch between the mode where distances are relative to a given assemblies’ point of origin to a mode where all object distances can be relative to the one project point of origin.

Let me show you in this video…


So to breifly summarize assemblies:

  1. allow speeding design by cloning
  2. let you create an assembly, save it as standard, and insert it in other projects
  3. take one design and stretch, shrink, or clone and mirror the contents
  4. can be cloned and spaced over distances in one step
  5. can be rotated 90left, 90 right, or even 180 degrees.

Assemblies in furniture design software make you more productive – both in terms of time saved and results produced.






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