Bathroom vanity plans – make your own

Custom bathroom vanity plans that you can easily modify to fit your room, style, and budget.


Preprinted DIY bathroom vanity plans that you buy have two basic problems.

  • First, they present designs that are fixed size.  If you want stock cabinets you would save time and go to a box store and buy them.  Of course, if you have a wall that is 57 inches wide for your bathroom vanity – you can either buy a 48-inch width cabinet and make spacers to the ends, OR you can buy the 60-inch width and – oh no that is not such a good idea.
  • Second, leaving size aside for the minute let’s talk style.  While a Google search bathroom vanity plans uncovered 33 MILION pages, ironically the style you want may not be there.  Or maybe it is but you have to find it.  Your bathroom might be one of the more expensive remodels you do in your house.  Don’t you want it exactly as you want?  Maybe a rustic bathroom vanity plans, or something more modern.

Why not design your own?  Or build it even?  Well if you’re not the building type you can still create your own DIY bathroom vanity plans, to your styles and sizes, and present it to your cabinet maker.  Trust me he or she will love the idea that the plans are for quoting.  The other advantage of the plans is that they give you a way of communicating what you want to the contractor – even if adjustments happen later.  My experience it that they always happen!

You or your contractor can create your truly custom plans with the Cabinet Wizard from SketchList.   It is simple.

  1. Open Cabinet Wizard and pick a cabinet for your bathroom.
  2. Edit the sizes, materials, and cabinet making standards just by typing.
  3. Move to SketchList 3D and locate it in the bathroom.
  4. Repeat with another cabinet if necessary.

Cabinet Wizard comes with 11 free cabinets for you to use for your bathroom vanity plans.   The basic collection includes wall and base, drawer stacks, door and drawer combinations, doors only.

Watch this video of me creating a nice custom bathroom vanity in minutes.

 For more information on the Cabinet Wizard read this post and watch the video it contains.

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