Cabinet design and production for family workshops

I had the pleasure of working with a new custom woodworking company that was just starting to make a name for itself in the industry. The owners, a husband and wife team, are passionate about their craft and dedicated to delivering only the best products and services to their customers.


One of their specialties was fireplace surrounds, which they had initially started making for friends and family. But word quickly spread about their exceptional workmanship, and before they knew it, they were taking orders from all over town. However, the one thing holding them back was the time and effort it took to design each piece. They were still using traditional methods like pencil and paper, and the process was slow and cumbersome.  They needed to bring in some cabinet design and production software.

That’s when they discovered SketchList 3D, a digital design software that allowed them to create a library of parts and sub-parts that they could easily mix and match to create unique designs for each customer. With the new software, their design process became a breeze, and they could take on even more orders. They continued to grow their business, expanding their product line and eventually opening up their storefront. Years later, I still think about that company and how its dedication and willingness to try new things helped them succeed in such a competitive industry. It’s a great reminder that sometimes, it takes a small change to make a big impact.  In their case cabinet design and production was a big aid.

Starting a woodworking business

This can be an exciting and rewarding venture, especially when you do it with your spouse. Custom woodworking businesses are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. With the rise of online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, showcasing and selling your woodworking creations to a global audience has never been easier. By starting a woodworking business with your husband or wife, you can combine your skills and create a harmonious partnership that is sure to produce beautiful and unique pieces that your customers will love.


One the biggest advantages of starting a woodworking business with your spouse is the ability to divide and conquer. You can each focus on your strengths and work together to create a cohesive business strategy. For example, one of you may be better at designing and creating products, while the other may excel at marketing and customer service. By working together, you can create a business that is both efficient and effective. Another advantage of starting a custom woodworking business with your spouse is the ability to create a unique brand that reflects your shared values and vision.

But clear communication is mandatory – and you improve communications with the clear reports and drawings a cabinet design and production system provides.

You can use your love of woodworking and your relationship as a foundation for your brand, which can help you stand out in a crowded market. By creating a strong brand identity, you can attract loyal customers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of your products. In conclusion, starting a woodworking business with your husband or wife can be fulfilling and profitable. By combining your skills and working together, you can create beautiful and unique products that your customers will love. With a solid business plan and a strong brand identity, you can build a successful woodworking business that will stand the test of time.


With so much to do, they need to find ways to speed up their processes and save precious hours. One way to do this is by using cabinet design and production software to help them generate proposals quickly and respond to customer changes efficiently. With the right software, they can generate reports for their shop without wasting time on manual data entry. However, it is crucial to choose software that is easy to learn and use. The staff should not take too long to adapt to new software systems. Cabinet-making software is designed specifically for woodworking businesses, allowing them to streamline their operations from design through installation. By utilizing this innovative technology, these budding businesses can be sure they are maximizing their time and resources while producing high-quality products for their customers.

Are you tired of spending hours designing custom woodworking projects only to have to start from scratch when you realize you’ve missed a crucial element? Do you want more clear reports and drawings for sales and production? Your woodworking business deserves better.

You know that time is money, and spending unnecessary hours on designs and reports is cutting your profits. Not having the right information can lead to mistakes, delays, and, ultimately, dissatisfied customers. You need a solution that streamlines your design process and provides your team with clear, concise reports and drawings.

Thought points

– SketchList 3D allows woodworking businesses to create 3D designs of their projects before they begin building.

– This allows businesses to visualize their designs before any physical work is done, ultimately saving time and money.

– The software also includes a library of pre-built objects such as cabinets easily customized to fit specific project needs.

– SketchList 3D generate detailed cut lists and material lists, making it easier to order materials and plan their projects.

– For new woodworking businesses, SketchList 3D can be especially helpful in establishing a professional and efficient workflow.

– With the ability to create detailed lists, businesses can more accurately estimate project costs and timelines.  This leads to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

– A new woodworking business can use SketchList 3D to create a 3D model of a custom cabinet for a client. And make the necessary adjustments, and generate a detailed material list for ordering. This ensures that the final product meets the client’s expectations and is completed within the agreed-upon time frame and budget.

An increasing number of couples either starting their businesses or transitioning from remodeling to cabinet making are purchasing SketchList 3D for shed, woodworking and fireplace design. They commonly express the need for drawings and shop reports, which take too long to create by hand.  Cabinet design and production software does this all.

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