Fireplace sketch design – adding a mantel to a room

Fireplace design: make or break a room

Have you ever entered a room and wondered why the fireplace is jammed on the wall near a corner ?
Or maybe why the fireplace sits off center and not centered between two bookcases. A misplaced fireplace is a very, very difficult thing to fix.

We speak of designing cabinets or kitchens or wall units – why not fireplaces?  I think part of the reason comes from the fact that there is no apparent tool to do it. What would you Google?  Fireplace design software?  Statistics from Google show maybe 10 people a month query that term.

Still if you remodel or contract you need to deal with the appearance of the fireplace and its surrounding environment in your bids. And if you have been called into a prospect’s home to prepare a proposal involving a fireplace – you need a better tool than pencil and paper. Why? Realism matters.

With SketchList 3D I transformed a very rough hand sketch into high quality 3D model.



fireplace image

It is obvious that your prospective client will appreciate the effort taken to create a realistic visual of their project. I made a video as I was doing this design and will put the link to it in this post.

But first there are several ideas or techniques in this design and I want to point them out.

  1. The setting of the room. To give the image context I extended the walls to the ceiling and brought them to the back and sides of the fireplace.
  2. The use of multiple materials. The walls are simply SketchList 3D ‘boards’ in a color that matches the color of the room. The tiles are images of actual tiles nearly the existing tile color. They show the surface of the tile nicely. The floor tiles are stone – picked to match the wall tile in color – but of a different size. And finally the fire box [although slightly off center, I just noticed] was made with an image I had in my materials file.
  3. The mantel is cherry. It exists and one large slab of wood with the cove cut on three sides. Actually if this proposal was accepted by the prospect, that mantle would be re-designed in SketchList 3D as three boards mitered together in the corners. Or maybe that’s not necessary. The one board method is a time saver.
  4. This fireplace design exists as a single assembly. As one assembly it can be moved, rotated and even copied and pasted into a different room. Another advantage of using one assembly is that this fireplace design can be saved as a standard and re-used in others jobs or projects. Again a big time saver.

The video showing how I did this follows:

Another example of placing a fireplace design into a room setting can be seen here.

Some fireplace ideas can be found here.

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