Customer shipping approaches – pallets, carts, and boxes

SketchList 3D is used for shipping box designs, pallet designs, and cart designs. The video shows carts and pallets – but the boxes follow the same ideas. You can easily customize any aspect of your design. Once you make one design you can use it over and over again, modifying it as needed. Shop drawings, cut lists, and material cutting layouts are all included and automatic.

Latest Tutorials

SketchList wood design software – make a box class part 3

Covered in this video are how to make cut lists, shop drawings, and material layout reports from the SketchList 3D wood design software package.

V5 Project and assembly

The first thing to know about SketchList 3D is you create designs by working with virtual three dimensional boards. They have sizes they have colors and grain. The big task...

V5 Drawer design with new board form

In this video we insert and build out a drawer using the new board form. The drawer container is inserted into the assembly. Then 3D virtual boards are inserted, sized...