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An email arrived asking how to make a picture frame in SketchList 3D. The need was to put four boards together — cut a rabbet on the back inside edges — and put 45 degree corner cuts on each board. This question points out a consideration of board orientation that was overlooked in our documentation. You can put a mitered cut on an edge of a board using the integrated joinery function of our woodwork design software. However in the case of a picture frame, you are working with two adjacent surfaces of the board. One of the surfaces forms the edge of the board, the other is indeed what SketchList 3D refers to as the “surface”. You cannot apply to joinery (with the exception of the Dado) to a surface.

Picture frame and Cove Molding
Picture frame and Cove Molding

(I cloned the picture frame and made a bit of a table from the frame and the molding.)

So the way we achieve the structure like a picture frame is to put the joinery called rabbet on the edge, and used this shaping cool SketchList 3D on the adjoining surface. It’s much easier to see how this goes together if you view the following video.

If you go to LINK, you’ll see examples of making a picture frame and applying a cove molding within an assembly.

This video will also show how the same technique is used in creating a mitered cove moldings.

Of course you can make more complex shapes by changing the angle of the cuts.  You can, if you need to, make for example an octagon shaped frame for a window or mirror.  This flexibility is an example of how our woodworking design software is more flexible than the standard CAD systems or box type cabinet design software packages.


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