Dado on board surface with cabinet design software


I am working on a video on standard cabinets and uncovered a limitation in SketchList 3D that needs addressing.

The bottom line is that holes may not overlap or intersect other holes.  Not too bad a limit until I got to trying to run a dado cut on a surface over a rabbet cut on the board edge.  The dado is for the bottom shelf and the rabbet is for the back of the cabinet.

Well SketchList 3D beeps at me when I did this.  The nerve of it all.

I found that work around is to leave a tiny sliver of material (1/32 or even 1/64) between holes.  I am working with our developers to try to design and create a better solution.

But until then this is what worked for me…

Image of side from cabinet design software with dado,, toe kick, and rabbets

To get to that I did the following.  Cut the toe kicks using the shape function.  Placed the joinery ‘rabbet flipped’ on the top and back edges using the default values.  And then put the following non-round hole on the inner surface of the board.



Image of left side cabinet nonround holes cabinet design software


So that’s the desired outcome.  On my video after I create this board I did the following:

  1. Saved as standard board called left.
  2. Cloned and mirrored the assembly.
  3. Went into that assembly and saved the board – now with the dadoes and rabbet on the correct surface of the right sided board – as standard board right.
  4. Entered the original assembly and inserted that standard right board and located it.
  5. (If I was planning ahead I should have put the drawer slide on!)

So a few points.  When I finish this cabinet I can stretch and shrink it to what ever size I need.  I will put a frame, door and drawer on it and save the different variations.  With SketchList 3D woodworking design software you can easily insert this standard cabinet, and rotate it 90, 180, or 270 degrees as you need it.



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