Door Design Software – an important part of the package

Door Design Software – is that all you’ve got?

I regularly design cabinets and really don’t give doors much of a thought.   I did a post / video some time back on how easy it is to add clearances to door sides.  [Hint – use the calculator function on the form or spreadsheet and subtract 1/8th (or whatever) from each edge]   See this video LINK
Doors came to my attention when a distributor of woodworking products told me his company was going to handle a door design software package.  Hmmm…  Why would you do that when if you took on SketchList 3D the door design software is built in, as are drawers, cabinets, and anything else.  But as the studies show – once someone makes up their mind, you cannot convince them differently based on facts.  [U Michigan – I think.]
So today’s video reviews how to quickly make a number of different door styles using Sketchlist 3D.

  • One piece
  • Flat panel
  • Raised panel
  • Glass

Things to remember.

In SketchList 3D a door is a sort of sub-assembly.  In it you build your door with all of its parts.  The advantage being that when you move or re-size the door – everything in the door moves at the same time.
Doors allow you to be flexible in your design.  Say you want an end panel on a cabinet.  Just create a door, build your end panel, rotate it 90 degrees and use the blue dots to locate it.  Much easier when compared to trying to make the end s panel from the front view only.  But whichever way works best for you….
If you buy doors you can still put them in your cabinet design.  In fact you can enter the price of the doors so that their cost is included in the purchase list.
Watch this video

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