A user wrote in asking how to add a face frame to an assembly.  Rails and stiles…  Which is which?  Stiles relate to fashion and as fashion changes skirt length goes up and down.  I know that’s silly – but it does help you remember. Face frames hide edges of plywood and provide a place to attache things like doors.

I SketchList 3D cabinet design software you add frames on a board by board basis.  Usually you’ll use dimensioned lumber to improve appearance.  When you insert a board for the rail or stile – use the ‘flat’ board orientation.  Usually a stile will be 1 1/2 to 2 inches ‘wide’ and the rail will be the same height.  Although rails be differ in size depending on application.

The rail and stile may butt joint or be mitered at their ends.

This video — CLICK HERE — will show you a how to video.




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