Furniture design software video – crown molding

This post and video will show how to make a mitered crown molding trim with SketchList 3D furniture design software.

We received an email this week from a user who is asking how SketchList 3D free furniture design software can be used to create a crown or cold molding. He also wanted to know how to take that molding and turn it around the corner by making a 45° miter cut.

The important thing to know about this is to pick the right orientation of the board when you insert it. The first board facing the front would have the same orientation as a shelf. This is to say the edge of the board would be facing forward the surfaces of the board facing up and down.

If you’ve created your cabinet without enough room on the left side and front side to fit the molding piece, you can use the batch move function at the project level to move all boards in the cabinet to the right by the necessary distance. This is usually the thickness of the molding piece. You can also use that same batch move function to move all of the board to the cabinet back away from the front edge of the assembly, again by the thickness of the molding piece.

Select the board the detail level. This can be done by double left mouse clicking the board. And click the contour button the SketchList form.  Select the contour you want to apply. Look at the contour as cut in the little viewing area of the contour form it may be facing the “wrong way”. If so change the radio button in the contour form from top to bottom or bottom to top.

When you’re done with that go back to the board detail level rotate board in the perspective view such that you can see the top surface. There be a green slice at the back of the board. Click on that with your mouse and click on the shape button. In the shaping tool click on the select button then click on the back left point on the board. The drag that number of units equal to the thickness of the board and you’ll achieve a 45° cut. Repeat the process with the right edge of the board.

Watch the video and you’ll see how I did it.

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