Furniture Design Software – Before and After Images

Furniture Design Software as a tool for going from before to after.

As a woodworker much of what you do is bring your clients from a “before” idea to an “after” reality.  Often difficult to do, you need to sell an idea before you get the go ahead.  That’s where free furniture design software comes in – it can show the after before you even enter the shop.

There are a lot of great examples of this on this web site.  Many SketchList users will provide us with a design and a photo of their finished work.  If you’d like to do this – please send us an email.

In this example a homeowners house was largely destroyed by water due to massive ice dams on the roof.  The process involved the insurance adjuster, the contractor, and the homeowner.  A wall size book case was pulled out of the house by the restoration company before the contractor arrived.

This is what the restoration company said they removed.

hand drawn book case

Come on – you could build this….   However the contractor, using his furniture design software, put together this design based on descriptions from the home owner.  From the design in SketchList 3D he provided a material cost estimate, shop drawings, and even a cut list to the insurance company.  He wrote in that the attitude of the adjuster changed significantly when he saw the backup documentation provided.  “It just gave me credibility.  I did feel more confident.”

hand drawn book case funiture design software


Finally this is what was built and delivered.

as built bookcase 2 funiture design software


built in book case funiture design software

The  contractor said the homeowner told his neighbors about how well things worked out.  Given the wide range of damage caused by the storm – that brought him more work than he could handle.

SketchList 3D provided the means to move from what was basically a verbal description to finished product.  Along the way the contractor saved time and money on the job.

For another example of how SketchList models can show your prospects what they are paying for – see this post.  CLICK HERE.

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