Furniture Design Software – File Management

When someting goes wrong with your Furniture Design Software files…

I got an email from a user that we can turn into a bit of – as they say – a teaching moment.
“My computer just updated and now I have nothing…I have many projects that are just gone!  HELP!

computer destroyed

Our programmer linked into this user’s computer and found that something wierd happened to the file causing the customers  in that file  to be deleted.   It took about an hour but it was fixed.

The result was,  in the words of the user….

“Thanks for fixing this!  I was a little stressed…you guys rock!”

Now actually  the amount of emails related to file or disk failure is extremely low — like maybe one every month or so.  But disks do fail and files do become corrupt.  And the resulting work to get data back, if even possible, certainly justifies the time it takes to do some backup.

To help you better manage your SketchList 3D files I put togeter this video.

However – the one, sure, rock solid thing I do (meaing it’s a good idea 🙂  ) is to export individual projects from SketchList 3D and save them to some external device.    Mine is a flash driture drive labeled “projects from furniture design software” work.   This way – if all else goes to, well, you can move these to another computer, or a new drive, or whatever.


More later,


Dave Rozewski

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