Need help with your cabinet design software?

How to get the answers you need to use your cabinet design software.

Users of our cabinet design software – SketchList 3D – write in or call asking questions like:

  • How can I rotate a board?
  • How do I drill a hole in a board?
  • Please explain the use of the material layout optimizer.

Of course these questions have been asked and answered before.  There might be a YouTube video, a SketchList web page video, or a post on our web page.

Most of the time when we receive this type of question we answer with a link to the answering video or posting.  Sometimes we will call – if you provide contact information like a phone number or Skype user name.

But if you are looking to a faster response to something that is puzzling you about the cabinet design software use – read on.  This post will show you a few different way to get answers.

Go to scroll the page.  Many helpful videos are on this page.

Search on cabinet design software topics.

In your computer browser key in the terms you want to find.  In this example we keyed in “ Sketchlist optimizer” .

step by step


And you can specify that you only want to see YouTube videos by adding the term YouTube to your search.


searching for youtube

You can  send an email to help – AT –   The more specific the better in terms of getting an answer.

“It can’t understand this stuff.”  is not so helpful.

Emails that include which type of computer and which version of SketchList 3D [Shop or Pro] are better.  Tell us exactly what you want to know.  “I want a board slanted at 45 degrees.” Sometimes it helps to include a screen capture.   More information is most always better.

And certainly, as a SketchList 3D user you can always call directly.  The documents you received when you purchased contain a phone number.   Sometimes the line is busy.  It is better to call back or send an email rather than leave a message.  But leave one if you want.

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