Kitchen cabinet design tool – new board defintions

Using a Kitchen cabinet design tool for your custom woodworking business allows you to prepare the designs you need.
new board form
If you think there are only three board icons in SketchList 3D – well you don’t know about the fourth.
3 board icons
The three icons were added to the SketchList 3D Kitchen design software relatively late in the product life.  They have the advantage of allowing you to insert a new board in your design very quickly.  Default values fill in the board name, initial sizes, and material type.  Pick one of the three board types and drag it into your design.  Next board!
In the old days….  Maybe up to version 3 of SketchList 3D Kitchen cabinet design tool there was only one board form.  The form allows you to enter all the important information about the board.
Many experienced SketchList 3d users complained when we dropped this one form approach for the three icon way.  So many, in fact, that we put the one form board creator back in to Version4.  In fact this post was written to explain.   LINK 
Everything you need to define, size, and locate a new board show on this form.  To open it click on the icon to the fight of the three board new board form
To change some attribute of the board, select it and click on the Board Definition tab to the right side of the SketchList 3D screen.  Change what you need to change.  Moving the cursor off the form closes it.
Watch this video.

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