Build a Shed?? Application of Woodworking Design Software

A while back a longtime user of SketchList 3D and I spoke about different projects one could do in SketchList 3D.  He said he had some new ideas.  Well did he!  Yesterday I got the project file for a storage shed he designed using SketchList 3D.  I just think it’s so cool.  The closest someone else had gotten to this design was a basement frame out job.  Hey why not?

Image showing stud walls in a basement
Stud walls in a basement.

Certainly if you are in the business of making and installing storage sheds – you could design two or three basic models – and use the standards capability of SketchList 3D to insert different objects like windows, or doors, maybe even a fireplace.  [You can tell I have been thinking about a ‘man-cave’ building for my yard.  My neighbor built one last fall and every guy on the street wants one!]   Then using the stretch and shrink abilities of SketchList 3D you can create any size building you want.

Heck – you could clone and space these babies and put up a whole street or neighborhood.  Kind of a Sim City for builders!  A special thanks to Brian from Halifax, Nova Scotia for sharing his work. By the way Brian  if you read this – please comment on your design experience.

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