PDF 3D Images in Cabinet Design Software

Someone emailed me to tell me how valuable he finds the PDF output file or SketchList 3D Pro.  Basically this feature allows you to output a 3D model of your project and save it to a PDF file.  Using Adobe – free reader software – anyone can open this file.  Even if they don’t have SketchList 3D cabinet design software.  MORE THAN THAT.  They can take the image after they open it and rotate it on their computer screen.

3D PDF Cabinet Design Software

You can send this file via email as an attachment so your prospective client, or existing client, can see exactly what you are talking about.  AND the can spin it around – looking at the front, back, side, angled view — whatever it takes.  Also they can zoom in or out as needed.

As the guy who sent the email said — this is simply the best sales tool your can have.  Well maybe after yourself 🙂


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