Quick Thoughts on Webpage

Over the past years I have offered to help companies without their own webpage place a page on www.sketchlist.com.  This would help them post their work on the web until they had their own site.  Well – apparently not a good idea since no one has taken up the offer.

But in that frame of mind I’d like to share two sites with you.

One is an example of placing alot of relatively complex information on one web page.  It is https://www.constructionmanagementdegree.com/.  Again – not woodworking specific but worth a quick scan.

The other is more of a design / commercial site.  A SketchList 3D user shared this with me and I view it each week.  A great example of clean design and nice images.  It can be found at https://www.houzz.com/

Let me know what you think.



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