SketchList 3D in the top 3 for software for furniture design

WindowsReport – a PC software reviewer – selected SketchList3D as the third highest ranked product in the category of furniture design software.

In its review of furniture design software, the publication WindowsReport picked SketchList3D as number 3.  WindowsReport is an independent online publication founded in the Fall of 2012.  They covers Microsoft’s Windows platform along with its many related products and services… We strive to provide important news, tips and various advice for PC owners.

In part they wrote of SketchList 3D:

“If you’re a fan of wooden furniture or work wood professionally, then this is the perfect furniture design software for you. SketchList3D simplifies the time consuming and repetitive woodworking design tasks, allowing you to work everywhere, in the shop or at your client’s home.”

Of course we appreciate the review.  Thank you WindowsReport.

Software for furniture design

SketchList 3D differs from other software reviewed. It incorporates woodworking processes like contours, shaping and the application of joinery.  All necessary furniture design software reports are integrated.  This means you get what you need without doing extra work.

A list of reports include the following.

  1. Cut list
  2. Shop Drawings
  3. Optimized part layout diagrams
  4. Purchase report
  5. 3D photo like renderings

furniture design software

Create and use standard objects

  • Cabinets. A library from which you just insert and size  to speed your designs.
  • Drawers.  Create custom drawer styles.
  • Doors. Create different styles for any job.
  • Hardware. Customize your own hardware.

Follow this link to see a little more how SketchList3D works.


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