SketchList 3D soon to be on TV

The design software Ralph Bagnall used on his TV show

I met  Ralph just after  I started SketchList.  Ralph reviews software, provides consulting services to some users, and is our go-to guy for CNC advice. He is an expert in all sorts of woodworking design,  involved with CAD products for nearly twenty years.  In addition to his own cabinet business, Ralph writes, blogs, and reviews woodworking products for manufacturers.  And with an exciting new venture, he  has just started his own Amazon TV show.

I wanted to call the show to the attention to those  looking for tips and techniques for woodworkers.  I watched his videos and must say they are clear and well thought out.  And the production quality is top notch as well.  He picks some interesting projects to make.  And  they are nice designs and usually offer up some sort of woodworking challenge.   And to make it better for us, Ralph used SketchList for the design and planning.  In addition Ralph might just send you a copy of the SketchList 3D files for your use.  That seems like an opportunity for you.

So let me share an image of the table.  The top is hidden so you get a better view of the lower portions – braces and legs.  He builds this table  episodes of the show.  So Ralph used many of the more detailed tools in SketchList 3D.  He told me it took about an hour to complete the model – and much of that was ‘think time’ involving the look and feel.


Dining Table Frame woodworking design software - tableCropped


This is from Ralph:

The upcoming Episode 7 of the Amazon Prime show, Woodcademy features SketchList 3D.   The Dining Table build uses a Sketchlist design, showing how the software mirrors the actual woodworking process in the shop.

Hosted by veteran woodworker and woodworking author, Ralph Bagnall, Woodcademy is designed around projects that teach viewers new skills that can be applied to their own woodworking goals. Companion plans are available to download for free from the Woodcademy website for each project allowing the audience to follow along while watching the show.

Woodcademy TV is available free for viewing on Amazon Prime (with ads) for viewers without a Prime account and ad-free for Prime subscribers.  In addition six episodes of the show are currently available for viewing.

Ralph authored this blog post for us a while back.

Let us know if you watch the show and tell us your opinion.

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