Stretch only a part of the cabinet with your design software

stretch base cabinet design software


The newest features of SketchList 3D 3vi include the ability to use the cabinet making software to stretch existing assemblies.   One thing that is really useful, and perhaps not apparent, is that you can select which parts of the assembly you wish to stretch.  In this video I cloned a 24 inch base cabinet and stretched it into a 48 inch base.  One step!  When I saw the result I thought I would rather have not increased the size of the door on the front of the cabinet.  So I undid the stretch and moved the plane from which the stretching happens to exclude the door on the front of the cabinet.  I increased the size of the cabinet by 24 inches.   Then I cloned the existing door and moved the clone copy to the right giving me a 48 inch wide cabinet with two doors.   One final adjustment — cloned the right stile, shortened it to fit between the upper and lower rails — centered it — and presto.  I had a 48 inch base cabinet with two doors.

The stretching function is extremely flexible.  It all depends on which part(s) in the assembly the stretching plane (the red box) touches.  See the video and you will see what I mean.

Coming soon – rotating assemblies.   More time saving features for users of SketchList 3D version 3i.

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