Shaun Fawcett

Recently, amateur wood worker Shaun Fawcett contacted me and told me how he had quickly learned SketchList 3D and put it into action to design a built-in wall unit for his new condo. Here’s what Shaun had to say about SketchList 3D…

Thanks for letting me try out your SketchList 3D program! I just wanted you to know that I am very impressed with your SketchList 3D program. I used it this weekend to design a wall unit for my new condo that I will be moving into in a few months. I didn’t really notice any serious bugs. Maybe a couple of very small issues that I can’t even remember now. But whatever they were I managed to get around them.

3D line drawing of a built-in wall unit

I love the 3D imaging with all of the different views. Also, being able to save the image allows me to edit and revise it in other programs. I looked around and found two other programs designed for woodworkers and/or cabinet makers and Sketchlist is by far the best from what I can see.

The only modification I can suggest would be the possibility of creating and printing a drawing with some/most of the key measurements annotated. [Editor’s Note: Dimensioning lines have been added.] In any case, that would be a “nice to have” feature since the program’s current capabilities are excellent. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you have done here.

It’s actually a room divider so the opposite side has a different design. Total depth will be 15″ or 16″. Offset shelving allowances. I already had it sketched out on paper; so I worked from that. I would say it took a total of 4 or 5 hours from start to finish. Say, two hours was initial learning curve time.

It takes a while to get one’s head around the 0,0,0 relative reference point and the thickness, width, height thing. Although, that system works very well once one gets the hang of it.

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