Wood designs with standard boards

Wood designs using boards from the library.

wood design email

I received this great email from a SketchList 3D user about my recent post on wood design using objects from the standard library.

“In a recent video you went to STANDARD and Selected BOARDS and said that you placed many customer boards in there. I have none, except a door solid. How do I get the rest updated? Do I need to do a complete reinstall? Is each update a complete installation package?”


Well it seems I didn’t think this through all the way!   Sorry Lewis.   Here’s the full story.  I want to promote the use of standards as a faster way to do wood designs without going all the way back to basic board forms in SketchList 3D.   I created a set of commonly used boards and they are being incorporated into the database that is included with the initial install of SketchList 3D.    Of course that is little help to you users who have already installed.  Sorry about that.

So I put all the standard boards into a project that you can download and import.  To make the boards standard – you may not want them all – open the project, select the boards you want one at a time – click make standard – and name them as you want – then save the standard.

  1.  Go to Download project and get the project file.
  2.  Start SketchList 3D and import this project and load it.
  3.  Pick the boards you want to save as standards and click make standard.  [You may be over your limit of standards is you have Home or Shop versions.]
  4. Use the standards in other projects as needed.

I do admit this is a bit cumbersome but I want to get the file to you as soon as possible.



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