Woodworking Design Software provides a way to create dream projects

“I use SketchList woodworking design software for planning and laying out all my projects.”

Boy we at SketchList love to hear this about our woodworking design software free trial.

In several conversations Mike and I discussed how he might benefit from using SketchList 3D.  A very detailed kind of guy Mike takes care in selecting his tools.  An artist, Mike began painting, transitioning  to wood several years ago.  He began using SketchList 3D several months ago. In a short period of time he created some very nice projects.

den with lamp

His firm – Showroom Finish Carpentry, located in GA, designs, produces and delivers a wide variety of creations.  His web site gives us an insight to his work.

“Through years of experience, persistent trial and error, and relentless curiosity, I have developed a significant familiarity with designing, building, finishing, and artwork. I am always eager to learn new methods, concepts, and techniques.  My pursuit of perfection has remained evident in every project I have undertaken.”



Time and time again we say you might have the nicest vision in the world in your mind – but if you can’t put it on paper (or the computer screen) – it’s a hard sell.  What would you say about the image above to make a prospect understand it without seeing the rendering?

Mike wrote me the following:

“I use SketchList for planning and laying out all my projects. It is cost effective and very user friendly. Using this program promotes precision, thereby helping to maximize materials and minimize adjustments. Also, the owner/author is very responsive and helpful. The program is so versatile, I’m still discovering features. I learn a little more every time I use it. SketchList has become an integral part of my process. “

Let’s look at some more of his work.


This is a fairly basic project but easily and completely conveys the idea, scale, and relationship to the client for their approval.

Here is another fairly simple design – one that once created in the SketchList 3D library — serves as a beginning point for any other bookcase.   Simply insert and resize as the requirements dictate – taller, deeper, wider.




More complexity appears in this next design with its cut off ends, trash reception hole, and stone counter top.

reception center


Still more detail appears in the next design shown.  The arc in the center and inclusion of a television provide the client with an excellent picture of the proposed work.  Our woodworking design software makes it easy to include realistic details.



Finally these next two images do a great job of presenting the two walls of a laundry center.  Notice the appliances, five part doors (some of which are open to reveal the interior of the cabinet), and detail of the flooring.

laundry design


laundry 2


Can you imagine what this type of detailed illustrations does for his business.  Well I can’t say but every time I speak with Mike – he’s very busy!  I want to thank him for this images and remind you they are the property of the Showroom Finish Carpentry company.

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