Enabling Cutting Dado on Surfaces

SketchList 3D is a powerful cabinet design software that allows users to create realistic 3D models of their woodworking projects. However, some users expressed disappointment that the software did not include the ability to cut dados on board surfaces. We listened to this feedback and added this functionality to SketchList 3D.


Why Dado Cutting Was Not Previously Included

One reason dado cutting was not previously included in SketchList 3D is that we had thought joinery only affects board edges and not surfaces. However, we realized that dado cutting is an important joinery type that affects board surfaces. Additionally, we already had most of what we needed to create dados; we just needed to allow the hole to continue off the edges of the board.


A man wearing blue jeans and a black sweater is using a tool to drill a hole in light brown piece of wood.


How to Cut Dados in SketchList 3D

To cut a dado in SketchList 3D, simply select the surface of a board and click on “non-round holes.” Locate the dado from the bottom-left (like all else in SketchList 3D), enter the width, height, and depth of the cut, and you’re all set. You can switch the values to cut the dado in the vertical direction as well. Make sure to name your dado and provide notes if you like.


 A woman is standing in a woodworking shop using tools to measure and cut wood, while wearing a face mask, and a leather apron.


Using Dados in Furniture Design

Dado cutting is an essential technique in furniture design and cabinet making. Adding this capability to SketchList 3D allows users to create more detailed and precise designs. With photo-realistic 3D images, you can show clients the care you take with the details of their projects.


In summary

Overall, adding dado cutting to SketchList 3D expands the software’s capabilities and allows users to create more detailed and precise designs. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, SketchList 3D is a great tool for designing and visualizing your woodworking projects.

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