Woodworking hobby turns to cash

Woodworking hobby and retirement – or a job change?

I saw a quote somewhere that went something like this.  “Woodworkers never really retire, they just lose track of time.”   Well, the opposite can happen as well.  A number of SketchList users across the world found themselves in woodworking after some other life venture was over.

These works of art/woodworking were done by a retired economist who worked in that discipline for 4 decades.

Woodworking has now developed into a very serious hobby for him and he has a growing list of orders.  All word of mouth sales.  “People who visit us like some of the items they see at our home.”
He told me that he picked up the skills during the pandemic. He had never built anything before.  In a fairly short period of time, he mastered this woodworking hobby of his.

Located in Accra , Ghana,  Desi Lopez builds furniture on demand, using a variety of African hardwoods.

image of sofa

This photo shows the frame of a sofa he made.  His wife, acting as the company seamstress, is making a set of cushions for it.   It’ll be soft and comfy and oh so attractive.


image of a wall bed


The floor under the bed can easily be cleaned.  I think I might want to drop a few pounds before I slept on it.


Picnic table image

A picnic table on the patio, right where it belongs.


And perhaps a somewhat more practical effort – a closet with maximum storage ability.

Finally one of his more artistic efforts.

image of angled table

He used SketchList 3D to create the design and the plans.  With reports from the software, he was able to make the projects in his shop.   People love his work. The photos show a wide range of capabilities both in artistic design and pragmatic woodworking skills.

Thank you for sharing the fruits of your wonderful woodworking hobby.

On a much more modest scale, perhaps to encourage you, here is a story about a project I dug up while on vacation.

If you want more about hobby woodworking – see this.

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