Cabinet Design Software Enables Face Frame Placement

Face Frame on Case

How to place face frames on your case work.

Had an good online training session Saturday morning with a few SketchList 3D users.  Covered placing objects and moved onto joinery – dado placement on board surfaces.   One user wrote in that it helped him along and still had a question on face frames.

So here is a video on using the cabinet design software for putting frames onto your case work.  It is basically a matter of placing – in this case – five boards on the front.  Remember the ‘back’ value of the frame must equal the ‘front’ value of the case boards!  In addition you use the FLAT orientation for frames – since you are looking at the assembly from the front and want to see the rail or stile surface and not its edge.  Grain direction – usually – is width for rails and height for stiles.  Match up the various lefts and rights, tops and bottom and you will be all set.

What I forgot!  Of course you can contour the corners of the frames and / or miter them as well.  They are just like any other board in SketchList 3D.

See this video for more detail.