Wood design software – FAQ and news items

Wood Design Software – bits and pieces. Our wood design software is used for a great deal of applications.  Users of SketchList 3D sometimes surprise me with the types of things they design.  It’s been sometime since I’ve posted and wanted to catch up a bit. I want to address five items in this post. Read More

SketchList 3D soon to be on TV

The design software Ralph Bagnall used on his TV show I met  Ralph just after  I started SketchList.  Ralph reviews software, provides consulting services to some users, and is our go-to guy for CNC advice. He is an expert in all sorts of woodworking design,  involved with CAD products for nearly twenty years.  In addition Read More

Tricks for furniture design – SketchList 3D

Tricks for furniture design with SketchList 3D. There is an upgrade available for SketchList 3D version 4.   It contains several fixes to problems.  In addition to that announcement I wanted to share some tricks for furniture design in SketchList 3D. Shaping Tool – Work with Lines   This weekend, while designing,  I discovered something. In Read More

Woodworking plans. Can you change dimensions?

Woodworking plans – they are all over the Internet I’ve been doing some research on what other people think about woodworking plans.  I’ve been looking at woodworking plans and even “virtually built” one or two of those projects using SketchList 3D. Some plans available are pretty well done. Some are not. In any case, I Read More

Fireplace design – adding a mantel to a room

Fireplace design: make or break a room Have you ever entered a room and wondered why the fireplace is jammed on the wall near a corner.  Or  maybe why the fireplace sits off center and not centered between two bookcases.  A misplaced fireplace is a very, very difficult thing to fix. We speak of designing Read More

Cabinet Layout Software – Getting Started

Learning – Thoughts on Bringing in the Professional Version of SketchList 3D Cabinet Layout Software.   SketchList 3D cabinet layout software can help your woodworking business increase proposal closing rates by generating high quality 3D images of proposed designs and reduces production cost by providing the lists and drawings needed in the shop. In fact, Read More