Desk Design Software creates an office piece

Desk Design Software within  SketchList 3D

More and more I find myself using the productivity tools.  I decided to illustrate their use in a project with our desk design software.  In order to demonstrate those tools, I created a new desk project.  And that involves heavy use of red dots [resize objects], blue dots [locate objects], and the align tool.   Remember – right click a dot to open the little form to edit the dot’s information.

So you know the align tool does a great job of centering things – like centering a panel thickness on the rails and stiles that contain it. To align two or more objects click the first one – the one others will align to – and shift clickone or more objects to be moved.  Click the Align tab at the upper right of the desk design tool screen and select the method of aligning you need.  They are front to back, top to bottom, and left to right.  After that aligning can center, butt to the outside, or butt to the inside.  It’s easier to watch the video.

I recorded the making of the desk in a video you can watch below.

Desk design software display of desk

Desk description

This is a desk I created with our desk design software.  As you see there are two drawer pedestals.   Each pedestal is a different width and in the final version both contain two drawers.  This image hides the drawers to show the detail and structure of the desk.

The design in video makes heavy use of SketchList 3D’s tools red dot resizing, blue dot locating, cloning, and the align function. So it provides a great review of how to use them in the desk design tool.

Just so you know, the entire design took 20 minutes with our desk design software, including the cut list, shop drawings, and material layout diagrams.  Since the project uses drawers – here is a link to a drawer posting.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post where I re-do the desk in the SketchList 3D addon Wizard.

If you own SketchList 3D and would like a copy of this project contact us. If you want a free 14-day trial go to

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