Automated cabinet designer is available now.

The Cabinet Wizard automated cabinet designer for SketchList 3D is available now.

The screen for the automated cabinet design tool Cabinet Wizard

It works with both the Hobby and Pro versions – Mac and Windows. The cabinet wizard is an add-on to SketchList 3D.

There is a holiday special sale for both the Pro and hobby versions. Check it out.

It allows you to design a wide variety of furniture and cabinet projects as easy as 1-2-3:

  1.  Select a model from a list of images.  It loads into the viewing area of the Cabinet Wizard.
  2.  Modify key parameters that define and describe that model. For example, you might change the width of the rails, the height of the styles, or even the thickness of the materials. The number and type of parameters differ, of course, with each model.
  3.  At that point, you move the design into SketchList where you can either print reports or make more additional detail changes to your design.

The models are dynamic. Changing any one parameter on any board or drawer calculates and changes all the objects affected by this change. Very easy and quick to take one of the models and do a great amount of modification to it.

The parameters fall into three categories.

  • Sizes affecting the overall assembly
  • The size of materials used in that assembly
  • A whole host of spacing distances, for example, the gap between two doors in a two-door cabinet.

As in SketchList 3D, there are three object types:

  1. Boards.
  2. Doors.
  3. Drawers.

Unlike with SketchList 3D, there is no board detail level work allowed in the automated cabinet designer. If you want to add a curve, joinery, contour, holes or anything like that you would do that after you move the assembly to SketchList 3D.

When you buy the cabinet wizard it comes with 10 cabinet models at no charge. These are, for the most part, all the cabinets you would need to design a kitchen, bathroom, or entertainment center.

New models are coming out each month. Currently the additional models we are selling include that of bed, desk, and the table.

Individual models generally cost $25, depending on the complexity of the model. They will be available in our shopping cart. Just download them after you purchase and import them into the cabinet wizard. Then you’re all set to create your own bed, desk, or table.

How can our automated cabinet designer benefit you?

  • It’s fast. You started with your next project in a matter of minutes.
  • It’s flexible. The model designs are very flexible, while at the same time easy to modify.


  • It’s creative. The cabinet wizard makes it extremely easy to modify and reconfigure your design before even moving it into SketchList 3D. You can make a great number of alternative configurations to check out new ideas. It allows you to see what you’re thinking and experiment with your ideas.

Those who have used the Cabinet Wizard say things like:

“This absolutely changes the way I think about SketchList 3D.”

“I’m really excited to have this tool. It’s going to save me so much time and effort.”

So don’t wait to join this group of users benefiting by using the Cabinet Wizard. The sooner you get it, the better off you’ll be.

And remember, it’s on sale until December 23.

Buy it while the sale is on.

Existing users – the Cabinet Wizard is an add-on to SketchList 3D.   When you buy we’ll send you a key for the Cabinet Wizard add-on and you will download the version of SkethcList 3D with the add-on built-in.  The first time you use the automated cabinet designer you’ll be asked to enter the Cabinet Wizard key.

See the manual here.

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