SketchList 3D Addresses Business Challenges

Woodworking Design Software – Professional / Business Outlook

“Sorry it took me so long to purchase your software, but boy when I did, did business boom!

Competition in business keeps getting tougher.   In an effort to address these challenges, progressive companies are moving to computer assisted drawing to create better designs and show those designs to prospective clients.  It is becoming mandatory to have these computer products and skills in your toolbox.

In June 2012 Woodshop News wrote…

“Woodworkers who build cabinets and closets just want to be able to show their customers what they’re going to get when a project is completed.  It’s getting to a point where people will just turn away if you don’t have a digital drawing to show them.”

Image of Paper Sketchlist Vs cabinet design software rendering


  • You absolutely must compete effectively to win jobs.  And you absolutely do not want to compete on price – at least entirely.
  • You must develop the ability to show from the first sales call to the post installation review that your company and the way you do business really is far, far different and better than all others.
  • When given an opportunity to present a proposal to a client you must act quickly, professionally, creatively, and practically.
  • Preparing proposals takes time and effort.  You need the best woodworking design software to make the very most of your time investment.
  • You will do better when you get your prospect to embrace the design process,become engaged the prospect, and sees that you  interactively work with him or her to best put forward your ideas, craftsmanship, and passion for woodworking.

SketchList 3D Pro is the cabinet design software that woodworkers all over the world are using to:

  • Create great looking, photo quality images of proposed work.
  • Speed the time to go from customer requirement to approved specification and proposal
  • Cut the time required for drawings, cut and parts lists, purchase reports, and part/material layout diagrams.
  • Set themselves apart from their competition – early and often.

One user of SketchList 3D Pro said:

“I was looking all over for a program that would allow me to build things like  small building projects. I needed something that wasn’t overly complicated. As a user of other top end 3D applications I was looking for something quicker, not nearly as complicated and I wanted something that gave me a parts list, shop drawings and more without having to work at it.  I came across SketchList on the Woodweb site.  It is extremely easy to learn, less than a day for me, and easy to use.  Hugely useful for showing clients architecture from the top down. Tech support is superb. I would recommend SketchList to anyone wanting to draw cabinet plans and those who want to create other small building projects as well.”

Setting yourself apart from the competition is critical.   A survey by an executive assocation found:  “There is little or no differentiation in the marketplaces.  This means the buyer sees every offering as pretty much  the same as all others.  Lack of clear differentiation makes PRICE  the key decision variable in the prospect’s mind.”

How many times do you hear and read about contractors complaining about clients beating them down on pricing?  If you set yourself apart by the quality of your proposals, designs, and method of communcating throughout the sales and project cycle, you can step away from price driven competition.

SketchList 3D will make you more effective, save you time, and make you more money.


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