Cabinet design software – detailed corners with contours

Cabinet design software – mitered corners and contours

A user emailed me about a problem using our cabinet design software in his project. It’s a great example of clear communication – to the point with a screen shot to show the issue.  I sent back a solution and will now make a video to discuss it.

Two boards meet in the corner and both boards have a rounded over contour on top and a miter on the ends.  He ran into a limitation in SketchList 3D where cutting a hole can’t overlap other holes.  This applies to joinery and contours as well.

corner not meeting

You see the gap in the top of the corner.  I ‘cut’ a corner piece with a round over contour going both ways and stuck it in the gap.

Corner of cabinet

Watch the video.  It contains some cool tips and tricks.  Near the end of the videos I make good use of blue dots to connect things.

Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions or comments level them below.


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