Cabinet design software — hide and show objects

Cabinet Design Software Needs the Ability to Hide and Show Objects….

SketchList 3D cabinet design software is continually evolving.   As we talk with users, conduct our surveys, and interact during our online training sessions we get lots of suggestions for improvements and new features.

When a suggestion makes sense and we decide to act upon it, our design team determines when and how we can best add it.

Well the latest group of suggestions included the ability to hide and show selected containers – assemblies, doors, and drawers.   This provides you the ability to not only  ‘see behind’ an object, but also work on under lying objects and design elements as if the hidden container did not exist.  You can also for example, hide a door temporarily and do a rendering for a client to show him or her how the shelves are laid out.  Another place where hiding is useful is when you are creating shop drawings.   For example you can hide a door and dimension the shelving behind that door.

The way to hide is straight forward.     Select the container you want to hide.  right click on the image of that container and select ‘hide selected’ from the menu list.Alternatively you can select the container – in the image area or as a spreadsheet row – can click on the  check box in the Hidden column.  To show again — un-check this box.

So if you have any suggestions – trying to improve our 3D cabinet design software – please send them into me.  Many of the features – any many improvement to features – within SketchList 3D came about from user input, suggestions, and yes even criticism.   If there is something you’d like to see in the product, of changed, send us an email.

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Thank you.


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