Cabinet Design Software – Setting your Goals

Cabinet Design Software — Is there a Correct Answer???

There have been many emails and phone calls over the pasts several weeks.  It seems like the New Year’s Resolution is to leave pencil and paper drawings in the past and move onto high quality 3D images.   But the road and reasons are as diverse and the number of woodworkers it seems.

On one hand I spoke to someone who designed  a beautiful entertainment center  for a prospect.  There were hundreds of parts and many assemblies – the most complex and complete design I have ever seen.  Probably 30 to 40 hours were invested in this one.  Of course he won the job and was happy.

I spoke to another person seeking out cabinet making software.  After about 15 minutes we had a room roughed out, one bookcase designed, and were beginning to clone (copy) that bookcase to fill out the room when the user interrupted (politely).    “Wait a minute , I just want a drawing.  This is taking way too much time…”

And my favorite question asked by someone trying the woodworking design software was “Exactly when do I have enough design finished to sell the job?”  Great question.  Any less time invested might lose the business.  Any more time designing might be viewed as wasted unless the prospect buys.  Once the deposit check is handled over – well then you can add all the detail you need to get the job into and out of the shop.

It’s like the Goldilocks story.  Not too little, not too much, but just right.

But in all cases – all three – was the understanding that prospects are expecting, if not demanding, nice computer generated, 3D images.    The question is how will you do that?

Make no mistake an investment of your time  is necessary.  I know woodworkers who pay designers for design work — OK — but really is it a good idea to outsource this critical business function.  I’d rather have it in my control.  Think about last minute customer changes…

Most by far of SketchList 3D users finish their first design within four or five days of download.  Some take less and of course some take more.   And I am always here to connect computer screens and help along.  But you must set aside the time and make the investment in the future of your business.  Sooner the better…

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