Cabinet Design Software – SketchList 3D rendering very realistic

As you probably know I send a fair amount of emails – checking up, sharing ideas, and updating on product development. This is part of an email I got in return for asking how a person’s trail of SketchList was going.


“Thanks for asking. Per your request, here’s a preliminary drawing I did of some shelves I’m going to make for some friends. I Photoshopped in some books and DVDs to give them an idea of what it may look like. Cheers, —Steve”


Here’s what Steve created… Bookcase created with cabinet design software. When I first looked at it I thought that he had actually built the piece – partially because of the quality and also because of the books in the book case. Then I re-read the email and saw where he used Photoshop to overlay the images of books and such. Now this is the type of thinking that would allow woodworkers using cabinet design software to win business.  {Note: He created one shelf assembly and used the clone and mirror function is SketchList 3D furniture design software to create the second shelf unit.}

Imagine using SketchList 3D to create a model to show your prospective client and what that does to help you close the deal.

I also like the idea that Steve used some ingenuity to enhance his offering by adding the books. I have another email asking if there was a way to insert outside graphics files directly within SketchList 3D. The answer from the programmers is that it is too difficult to place the images exactly in one place in your design – and that even if you got the image correct, it would change if you changed sizes, stretched, or shrunk your design.  However I suggested to this user that he take a very thin board (veneer) and use the shape function to create the design as an inlay.    We’ll see how that works.

Now Steve used Photoshop to superimpose the images.  In the past I have used my screen capture package to achieve this same type of result. I imagine you could even do this with a package like Word.

Thank you Steve for the great idea and input.


If you have any questions or comments about SketchList 3D please feel free to contact me directly.


Dave Rozewski

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