Cabinet Design Software Update

Selecting level for design

Recently updated edition contains several enhancements

By now you have already downloaded the newest build of SketchList 3D cabinet design software.   It is being used by furniture makers, cabinet builders, and carpenters.

This  latest release improves productivity and is much easier to use.

  1. Drag and drop of objects
  2. Easy movement up and down the project hierarchy
  3. Automatic resizing of containers
  4. Better forms for joinery
  5. Better forms for contours
  6. More flexibility in the shape tool

Not to mention that a good number of bugs were fixed.

This is the last major update to SketchList 3D Version 4.  Of course we continue to fix bugs as they are reported to us.  But there are no significant changes to be made in functionality.  Our developers will pause a bit before thinking about what is next for SketchList 3D.  We have an Ipad prototype and may choose to round that out.  Or maybe well focus on new reporting capabilities and scheduling systems.  It’s too early to tell right now.

This is a video that highlights some of the new capacities in the build of our cabinet design software – and reviews some of the changes to the user interface.


 Alternative Video Site

As always – please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or problems.



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