Cabinet Design – Woodworking Update

Quick Cabinet Design – Woodworking Update


We have been busy here in SketchList land.  Hopefully next week we will upload a significant update that has many fixes, some new things [hint virtual tape ruler], and a more robust way to stretch and shrink objects in your cabinet design – any design really.

I have been working on some additional reports for the professional / business SketchList 3D users.  Those of you who have been users for a LONG time remember my attempts at automatically generating proposals.  OK not my best work….  But there are other things we are considering adding.

In the area of proposals as I was searching around I found the web page A Concord Carpenter.  Robert Robillard provides this excellent webpage and I think you should  take a look at it.    Here’s a bit from his blog on proposals.

“Spend Time On The Scope Of Work:How To Write A Construction Proposal

Most of my construction proposal is a template and I fill in the blanks on the owner information, payments, start and finish dates, etc. The scope of work section is where I spend most of my time ad is where you should pay the MOST attention to.

This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT section of the contract and you need to be as detailed as possible.  Don’t get lazy here.

This is the spot where I mention the steps in the process, materials used, model and spec numbers, colors, etc. It also has a very important closing statement that reads:

“Only those materials, goods, labor and services SPECIFICALLY STATED in the preceding paragraphs of this contract are bound under the terms of this contract.” ”

Before you go off …

This is a beta of a labor cost / schedule idea I am writing.  In its finished form it will provide a report that shows each operation and calculate its time and cost.  Of course all time and costs will be shown as a total for the job.  To paraphrase Robert Frost – much to code before I sleep….   When you ask?  Don’t know this is just being roughed out right now.  Imagine as you design you will get material costs, times of every stage of work, and labor costs.

costing report


As ALWAYS I will be seeking input, opinions, questions,  criticisms, and feedback.  Did I leave anything out of that last sentence?  Seriously user input has greatly and positively influenced the quality of SketchList 3D.

OK go to A Concord Carpenter.


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