Cabinet Drawing Software Helps in Shop

Cabinet Drawing Software Upgrades

The cabinet drawing software of SketchList 3D now supports new capabilities that make your drawings more attractive.

    1. True black and white line drawings with the wire frame function.  If you missed the post on wire frames – CLICK HERE.  Two advantages of the black and white lines are a. you save printer ink versus the solid texture printouts, and 2. you see objects of the same grain texture as two different parts.  In the solid texture approach they blending together.
    2. Scale options allow you to select the scale of the drawing, and print that scale on the output.
    3. Zoom – allows you to zoom into a detailed area of the drawing, add dimensions, and save that zoomed section so you can print it in the enlarged format.


The new shop drawing print form contains a few new functions in the Drawing Scale area.  Scale reflects the real world size to that of the size of the drawing.  For example one inch measured from a drawing with a scale of “one-inch-to-the-foot” is equivalent to one foot in the real world (a scale of 1:12) and one inch measured from a drawing with a scale of “two-inches-to-the-foot” equals six inches in the real world (a scale of 1:6).

New Functions include:

  1. Automatic scale.  The cabinet drawing software determines the size image required to fit onto the paper.
  2. Cropped Area.  The area zoomed on will occupy a full sheet of paper.  In this case SketchList will fit that section onto the page.
  3. Manual Scale.  Clicking on the little button with three dots displays the list of possible scales that SketchList can apply to the drawing.
  4. Print Scale – checking this box puts the scale used for the drawing onto the page.
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