Cabinet Software Helps Visualize a Job

A user sent me this project.  I like it because it illustrates how quickly you can use the SketchList 3D cabinet design software to put together a three dimensional model for your potential customer to see.  So many times you are working on a job and the homeowner says “Hey that hallway (pick a spot) would be a great place for a shelf (pick a project).”  Which is good if you can do it quickly.  The middle of a job is a tough time for things to be changed, much less added.   And while we like the money and try to keep customers happy, sometimes there’s just not time to design – redesign – review – and so on.  And all the things that happen before you can take material to the shop to make the unit.

Then – of course – is the customer’s first comment: “That’s not how I thought it would be!”

Call it what you will – cabinet design, woodwork design, or furniture design software — it can save you time, avoid issues, make the customer happy, and make you some extra money on a job.

I like this design because it provides a basic look at what is being proposed and agreed upon without taking forever to create the images and drawings.

Storage cabinets - Woodworking design software
Storage cabinets – quick imaging for approval.

If the customer says yes – you can invest more time on the details to round out the design.  Like all SketchList 3D projects – while designing the parts list, purchase list, and optimized material layouts are being generated.

Save time.  Help the customer say yes (even if this is your spouse!).  Generate reports needed for the shop.

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