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Perhaps these are just new year’s resolutions.  I’ve seen a significant uptick in the number of custom cabinet design software training session over the past few weeks.  Training sessions consist of connecting with one or more users over the Internet and answering questions, explaining how to do things with SketchList 3D, and actually tackling design projects.   While we can see each others screen we were also talking together over the telephone line.

It seems to me after doing these training sessions four nearly 10 years about 60 to 90 minutes is the optimal length of time.  Many times it can take me 15 or 20 minutes just to understand the essence of the project the user wants to sign.  What I have seen in this last couple of sessions is that more questions about overall layout of a project and how to use assemblies are being asked.

The other thing – getting back to resolutions – is that everybody  I talked to during the sessions told the they are “Done drawing on graph paper”.


line drawings

I certainly hope that more and more people are making this resolution this time.  Of course it would help my business — but more importantly it will help their business for sure.

This video shows [CLICK ME TO SEE VIDEO] the essence of a conversation I had with a person last week.  There was some confusion as to how to relate two cabinets and washer and dryer in a laundry area.   Even though the example may seem trivial the exercise proved a good opportunity to review relationship between projects and assemblies along with doors and drawers.  The time together proved a good review of the various design tools and SketchList 3D, most significantly the use of red dots and blue dots to size and locate assemblies.

At the end of the time together I was able to export the project from SketchList put it in my drop box and provide the link to this customer.  From that he was able to generate the high quality 3D photo renderings he needed to show his perspective client.

If you are in the business custom woodworking, custom cabinet making, or remodeling you will benefit by having this design capability.  I am committed to help you get started using my cabinet building software in your business.  If if you’d like to find out more drop me an email.

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