Custom Cabinet Software – Intro to SketchList 3D

Custom Cabinet Software in a few simple steps

I used to train people who wanted every last detail – all the bits.  More and more I train professionals who want to get started now.  They are willing, at least at first, to gloss over the details when starting SketchList 3D.  They want a 3D image, shop drawings, a parts list, layouts — now, or tomorrow morning, or at the latest on Monday.   So I put together this series of videos.

Nine videos will get you started in designing with our custom cabinet building software.  Nine.  And they last 2 to 3 minutes each.  Is this crazy?

I do online training sessions every day of the week.   In about 20 minutes people go from confused to “boy that makes complete sense.”

The first 10 minutes of any session answers the questions:

What is a board?

What is a container?

A container holds the design.  A board is what goes into the design.

The rest of the time is showing how to use 3 or 4 tools that achieve the designs by repeating [over and over] the steps:

  1. Insert – putting things into other things.
  2. Size – setting the width, length, and thickness
  3. Locate – relating the things to each other.

Locate – there are several ways to accomplish the same thing.  Use one or use them all.

With blue dots.

Locate with a form.

With a spreadsheet.

With the align tool.

Size – there are several ways to accomplish the same thing.  Use one or use them all.

Red dot size.

Size with the form.

Size with the spreadsheet

These two ideas and handful of tools will enable you to accomplish 80% of what you need.  Reports and shop drawings are easily added.  In another post I will deal with other tools and get into more detail of how to better utilize this customer cabinet software.

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