SketchList 3D Development on the cabinet design software…

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Because you asked….


SketchList 3D Cabinet Design Software Forum – We have been asked several times to start this and – well — we did.  The initial forum can be found on under – strangely enough – the menu labeled forum.   This is our first live go around with this type of thing.  I expect that you’ve used forums elsewhere and have exceptions of how they should work.   If this forum needs tweaking – let us know.  The topics and such will define and organize over time as we see what types of posts are entered.  I will ask [again and again] to please indicate the version number and platform — PC or MAC when you post.

SketchList 3D Cabinet Design Sharing Page – This is a work in progress – more a plan really.  Nearly 90% of SketchList 3D users surveyed said they want this and they would contribute to it.  Our tech people are working on how to organize such a page and process.  Should be a few weeks.  In fact a little sharing has just happened – Stacy,  Tony thanks you for a copy of your most excellent design of that fireplace mantel I am sure 🙂

Related to this we have been testing an ‘on-line’ agent on the web page.  It’s not online all the time – but it is a fast way to send a quick email.  As many of you know I do answer emails fairly quickly.

On Line Webinars — We have done 5 or 6 of these over the past few weeks.  Cover questions like create and place objects, how to make a dado, and how does the optimizer really work… among other things.  It’s free.  It’s fun.  And you will learn.  Sign up on the web page.

Who knows – international user group meeting somewhere warm next year?  At one point there was a SketchList 3D user in Fiji.

New MAC and PC builds are coming.  Everyone is working on bug killing and we are making good progress.

I have an email from a user who did an AMAZING job on a kitchen he is bidding.  I will post that in detail within a week.  Look forward to it.

One last thing – if I may.  I appreciate the support all the users provide to helping improve SketchList 3D.  I know there are users out there who started with version 1 and have moved right along to V4.   Can you imagine the difference?   I think the completion of version 4 is quite an accomplishment and it is due – in large part – to user input.


Thank you for that.




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